The New York Times is on it:

“We no longer go out. And why would we, when the allure of staying in has reached irresistible proportions? Why risk a restaurant when you can order Seamless or sauté premade gnocchi from Blue Apron? Why go to a bar when you can swipe right? Why go to a reading when you can download a podcast? Why pay $15 to see a boneheaded Marvel rehash in theaters when the world of premium streaming content is at your fingertips? Food, entertainment, romance: The traditional weekend staples are now available entirely on demand. The centripetal force of our homes has never been stronger.”

On the one hand: ugh.

On the other: did we really love going out? Or was it just the best way to fill time at the time?

On the third: with the ever-rising cost of city living, this zinger is ringing truer and truer:

“But what’s the point of living in a city if you treat it like a suburb?”