In 2017, I am focused on:


  • living in San Francisco (6 years!)
  • spending more time patronizing local businesses (especially bars/restaurants and artists)


  • building Light (see bio)
  • launching the L16 Camera
  • opening a new office in SF
  • advising various friends on their startups and other creative projects


  • traveling for fun as much as possible
    • recent: London, Paris, Denver, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Atlanta,
    • upcoming: Door County WI, New York City
  • exploring more of California and the PNW by car


  • exercising regularly, hoping to get heart rate elevated for 30+ minutes every day
    • tracked via Apple Watch, Fitbit and Gyroscope
  • stretching as often as possible
  • drinking a lot more water

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now movement.