I've not been shy about my VR skepticism. I'm sure there will be amazing, specific applications for the tech. But I think it's going to be a long while before we see mass adoption for a broad set of uses. (And I'm not sure that day ever comes at all.)

Brian Chen's review in the New York Times confirms my suspicions. He notes the potential:

I can report that while the Rift is a well-built hardware system brimming with potential, the first wave of apps and games available for it narrows the device’s likely users to hard-core gamers. It is also rougher to set up and get accustomed to than products like smartphones and tablets.

while touching on the challenges:

I became a subject of ridicule when my partner was watching TV and I crouched in the middle of the living room while playing the dead space pilot game.

The Rift has other consequences for the mind and body. I felt mentally drained after 20-minute sessions. My eyes felt strained after half an hour, and over a week I developed a nervous eye twitch.