I’ve been spending a lot of effort lately trying to explain Twitter and/or justify my enjoyment of Twitter to people. And while it’s hard to explain “microblogging” to people who don’t quite grasp the purpose of blogging to begin with, let me just say this about Twitter:

Tonight, while I’ve been sitting here studying for next weekend’s Finance final (zzz…), I’ve been tracking the progress of 1) the NBA Finals Game 5, 2) the Tonys, and 3) the US Open (major putt by Tiger Woods no doubt) via my friends on Twitter (one of whom is actually at the Tonys). Being able to watch 3 major events, in real time, while being 100% focused on a textbook, has been pretty sweet.

And while I’m sure this doesn’t help any of those naysayers out there… this is another one of the things I find fascinatingly useful about Twitter.