busting the juice cleanse

The NYT is on it, busting the juice cleanse:

Dr. Antoinette Saddler, a gastroenterologist at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, agreed to read through one of many blog posts available online about cleansing. She said she was perplexed from the beginning.

A juice diet rests the stomach, it claimed.

“Why does the stomach need resting?” she asked

She read further. Juices require less of the stomach’s digestive processing, it said.

“Who said that was beneficial?” she said.

And then she got to the inevitable detox claim: Juicing “allows the body to have more of the resources it needs to support the phases of detoxification, and even to begin to help remove the cumulative toxins stored in the body.”

“What does that even mean?” she said. Exasperated, she stopped reading.

dark chocolate and the gym

Adding a little dark chocolate to a training diet may effortlessly improve endurance performance, according to a new study of sports nutrition. The findings provide ammunition both for athletes looking for an edge and those hoping for an excuse to indulge.

I've been on a no-sugar, no-carb, no-alcohol cleanse this month. (Basically a Paleo diet.) I usually have small amounts of dark chocolate when doing these cleanses... maybe feeling a little less guilty about that now.