Twitter users have always been highly opinionated, especially when it comes to Twitter as product. For once, though, I'm starting to think Twitter users might be better at running Twitter than the current Twitter team.

It seems like all chances of a Twitter sale are gone now, with the Disney walk-off being the most damning. Bloomberg:

Walt Disney Co. decided not to pursue a bid for Twitter Inc. partly out of concern that bullying and other uncivil forms of communication on the social media site might soil the company’s wholesome family image, according to people familiar with management’s thinking.

The bottom end of Twitter is a real problem for Twitter, and Twitter doesn't seem to grasp that. Instead, Variety says:

Twitter has hired AngelHack founder Gregory Gopman to work on its nascent virtual reality (VR) initiative, Variety has learned. The company may add native 360-degree video integration as well as 360-degree video live streaming to its products in the coming months.

It's almost impossible to rationalize what is going on over there at the moment.